Download Video Online

Online tool that helps you download videos from

About Downloader is an Indonesian website hosting. This tool helps you download videos from Vidio by getting the .m3u8 files.

  1. Enter the URL, tick the reCAPTCHA box, and press Submit button
  2. Wait, then select the video quality you want to download and copy the m3u8 URL (or just press the clipboard icon).
  3. Having the m3u8 URL, now you can download the video
    • On desktop, you can use VLC Media Player
      1. Choose Media -> Open Network Stream
      2. Paste the m3u8 URL
      3. Instead of pressing the Play button, press the dropdown and choose Convert
      4. On the convert dialog, you can choose output format and destination where you want to save the video
    • On Android, you can use M3U8 Loader
      1. Swipe right from the left end of the screen to open the menu. Then choose Add
      2. Paste the m3u8 URL
      3. Press Download